Welcome to Birds of Chicago and Farewell Milwaukee on ABC's Secrets & Lies

Five Head is excited to welcome Birds of Chicago to the management roster! I first saw Alli and JT captivate a Santa Fe audience in a carpeted, hotel ballroom that seemed to be straight out of the 70s ; it was one of the stranger venues I've been to for a show but I was hooked on the band. They've just recorded a new record with Joe Henry and are working on some big things. Excited to have them on board. The new album won't be out for a few months but you can hear their latest album, Live at Space, below. 

Congratulations to Farewell Milwaukee on their first big placement. "Way Out" will be featured on ABC's Secrets and Lies this Sunday at 8pm CT. Ben wrote an awesome, heartfelt post about the song and how it helped define the band early on (read it here). It's only fitting that this track is the first one to break through. Hope you'll tune in this Sunday. 

As always, thanks for your support of Five Head artists!