Justin Robinson

"Folk music, even loosely defined, is rarely this rivetingly unpredictable."

- Blurt, 7 out of 10

"Robinson's debut is a series of wrong turns for the right reasons. If there exists a parcel of common ground between Andre 3000 and John Hartford, Robinson stands confidently upon it, shovel in hand."

- Shuffle Magazine

"For an artist so focused on the past and the present, Bones points to greater things in the future." 

- American Songwriter, 3.5 out of 5

"Adding an Outkast-style Southern rap flair to regal string orchestrations ready for a ballroom, Robinson manages a juxtaposition of styles that bridges spans of time and style more vast than those of the Drops. On Bones for Tinder, this gothic, chamber-hop formula works tremendously."

- The Independent Weekly

About Justin Robinson and Bones for Tinder

Justin Robinson started studying the violin at age 8, and at a young age began playing in a string quartet with his mom, a cello player and opera singer. His interest in music was revitalized during college, after which Justin had a five year stint as a founding member of the Grammy winning Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Justin is inspired by everything he's ever heard, and major influences include rhinestones, the South in the winter, harps, the Apocalypse, doublets, clavichords, robots and fantasy movies. He also likes sweeping. 

Bones for Tinder was Justin's debut album with his band, the Mary Annettes. The Mary Annettes are comprised of local NC musicians Sally Mullikin, Josh Starmer and Josh Stohl. Justin's vivid stories are delivered atop a rotating arsenal of instruments including autoharp, tres, viola, banjo, violin, fiddle, cello, bass, keys and drums. The band lists among their influences JS Bach, Erykah Badu, English nursery rhymes, moonlight on a frozen swamp, Loretta Lynn, ossified remains of mammals, palindromes and rhinestones.