Ben Lubeck

Rented Rooms - 2016

Rented Rooms - 2016

"On opening track 'Right Time,' Lubeck gives up what every human being fights for: control. With primal howls and words that cut deep, his voice and music are reminiscent of Ryan Adams from the Ashes & Fire era, carrying years of heartache in the notes."

- Youa Vang, City Pages

"Lubeck, also of Minneapolis band Farewell Milwaukee, ventured out on his own this time around, and what resulted is a classic-sounding record of warm Americana that, admittedly, tons of aspiring artists are making, but few of them do it with this much substance."

- Derrick Rossignol, the Nerdist

"For his first album away from his (still-rolling) Americana rock band Farewell Milwaukee, Ben Lubeck turns in an introspective and intimate set of songs based on his frayed relationship with his dad and his own newfound parenthood. The results ooze with drama and inspiration, while Lubeck’s Ryan Adams-like voice and the album’s lush, ambient alt-twang arrangements lend them a disarming tenderness. You’ll want to make amends with everyone in your life by record’s end."

- Chris Riemenschneider, the StarTribune

"For many songwriters, it can take years for a song to find its home. Sometimes you write something so far out of left field that the only thing to do is let it sit and wait for the right moment and the right project to have a chance to truly shine. Such was the case for 'Love Cuts Glass,' a song by Farewell Milwaukee's Ben Lubeck that found its home on his upcoming solo record, Rented Rooms, out February 26.

- Brittney McKenna, The Bluegrass Situation


  • Ben is currently in the process of recording his second full length album.

  • Rented Rooms ranked number seven in The Star Tribune's "Best-of-2016 Minnesota Album Poll."

  • Headlining shows with his band, Farewell Milwaukee, around the midwest including a performance at the legendary First Ave Mainroom, two sold-out shows at the Aster Cafe and previous performances at the Cedar Cultural Center.

  • Rented Rooms received pre-release coverage including premieres by the Bluegrass Situation, the StarTribune, and MPR's the Currentalongside tapings for Radio Heartland. 

  • Upon its release, Rented Rooms was featured on the Nerdist's "Bandcamping: Top 5 Underground Albums of the Week" and Minneapolis' City Pages. In addition, the album recently made the StarTribune's list of Minnesota's best albums of 2016! 

  • A live session with Pony Rug, highlighting the song "Love Cuts Glass" from Rented Rooms.

  • Recently introduced the first of three live videos called "The Homestead Sessions" - recorded live in the Original Rieder Homestead, built in Delano, Minnesota in 1881. 


Ben Lubeck is a songwriter based in Minneapolis. He is a founding member of Farewell Milwaukee and has released four records with the band.

Ben released his first solo effort, Rented Rooms, in February 2016. Coverage surrounding the album included a song premiere with The Bluegrass Situation, a Radio Heartland in-studio session premiered by Minnesota Public Radio's The Current, with a number seven placement in the StarTribune's "Best-of-2016 Minnesota Album Poll."

The album was recorded with Brad Bivens in between Ben's schedule with Farewell Milwaukee. Ben tracked the vocals and guitar live, then augmented each song with contributions from notable Twin City musicians including: Ben Kyle, Adam Levy, Jacob Hanson, Alex Young, and many more. The album was conceived as an act of reconciliation toward's Ben's father, while contemplating his own new found status as a dad. 

Since the album's release, Ben has remained busy with Farewell Milwaukee and is in the process of recording a new solo album.